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khavrinen's Journal

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My biography is rather dull, even to me, as everything interesting happens in my head or on a page. The most important thing here is to give credit where it is due: To the book from whence my user name is taken, "The Door Into Fire", by Diane Duane (also reprinted as "The Tale of the Five: The Sword and the Dragon"). Khavrinen is the sword that Prince Herewiss creates to free his "Flame," and rescue his loved, Freelorn.
When Freelorn asks if the sword has a name, Herewiss explains it like this: "Its name is Khavrinen. [...] it's in the original Brightwood dialect of Darthene, a few hundred years removed from Nhaired. You could render it as HarrowHeart."

Not only do I find the name euphonious (aka "neat sounding"), I am a hopeless romantic, whose heart almost always seems harrowed....