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Unexpected catalog 
30th-Oct-2014 12:35 pm
sword flame
I got a catalog in my mailbox today from a company I've never heard of before.  That in itself isn't all that surprising; once you get on one company's mailing list, your address tends to get passed around to others fairly regularly.  What did surprise me was the fact that it was addressed to the previous tenant ( "or current resident", admittedly ), and I've been living here for over fifteen years.  It would be understandable if they'd been sending them ever since the time when he lived here, but to start now just seems weird to me.
30th-Oct-2014 08:42 pm (UTC)
You really have to wonder about the age of the address lists that get passed around. I sometimes get random stuff addressed to the previous owner who hasn't lived here for almost 20 years.
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