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Signal Boost: The Door Into Starlight 
15th-Jul-2011 02:02 pm
sword flame
Diane Duane, who wrote the novels from which I take my username ( The Door Into Fire, The Door Into Shadow, and The Door into Sunset ), has long been promising that EVENTUALLY she'll get around to finishing the fourth and final one in the series, The Door into Starlight.  Today she has posted an entry talking about the long wait, and requesting that people who would actually buy the book if it gets published comment on the entry, to gauge whether it is still worth devoting her writing time to the project.  If anyone reading this falls into that category, or knows someone who might, I urge you to go comment there, or ask them to do so. 

Please, please, please?
16th-Jul-2011 02:58 am (UTC)
Eeeeeeeeeee!!!! *rererereposts*
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