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4th-Jan-2010 12:13 pm - Moutain Dew Throwback
sword flame

Moutain Dew Throwback [ 9:365 ]
Originally uploaded by khavrinen237

I found these in the store about a week ago, and I had to pick up at least a couple, more for the old school logo than for the "real sugar" angle.

Waaayyyyy back when I was in first grade, I remember a big billboard near our house that had a Mountain Dew ad for most of the year we lived there, which featured both this guy ( with the cork shooting a hole in his hat ) and another hillbillie caricature. Because this was what formed my earliest impression of Mountain Dew, I can't help but be amused the past few years by the way that they've been aiming their marketing squarely at the Snowboarder/Xtreme sports/Sk8er demographic, positioning it as "what the cool kids are drinking" -- since I remember it as being pretty far the other end of that scale.

31st-Dec-2009 03:46 am - What the hay fever?!
sword flame
For some reason I've been sneezing ever since I got up this morning ( a bit over two hours ago ). 

Can't be pollen, it's the middle of winter here, and as far as I know I haven't changed anything in my environment that would lead to sinus irritation.  But I've sure got it.

Packing extra handkerchiefs for work...
30th-Dec-2009 11:49 am - License Plate phrases of the day
sword flame
First Place:  "AUDI DU"  -- even if I did have to say it out loud before I got it.

Runner up:  "W8 4 F8"
21st-Dec-2009 10:38 am - Now that's just going too far.
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This morning as I was loading the usual seasonal glut of packages onto my UPS trucks, I noticed a sticker on one of them that made me do a double-take.  It said: ------------------------------ "Open and display immediately.  Valentine's Day Promotional materials." ------------------------------
I suppose that in one sense it's only logical, given that the Christmas promotions now start to trickle into stores in mid-October,  but still -- couldn't they at least wait until, I dunno, Christmas Day?
sword flame
Since I was lucky enough to unexpectedly stumble upon the perfect gift for my Dad in late October ( even at a great sale price, still by far the most expensive one I've ever bought for him, and I think for anyone ), and I don't really have any great ideas for my Mom, I was only shopping for myself today. Although my monochrome laser printer is perfectly adequate for over 90% of the printing I do, I've been looking for a new inkjet to supplement it for a bit over a year. When I got my new computer last October, I discovered that Vista would almost work with my old inkjet; not too surprising considering that I got it "free" when I bought the old computer way back when XP came out.

I've been kinda-sorta looking for a new printer for two or three months, and have been finding the reviews pretty depressing and/or irritating. Reading what customers say about printers on Amazon, Staples, Office Depot, etc., it's difficult to avoid the conclusion that all printer manufacturers are evil, greedy bastards who are not content to merely take as much of your money as possible ( which, after all, is more or less what any business does ), but have to do it in such a way as to make sure that you feel like you're being ripped off, too. Standard practice for nearly all of them is to sell the printer at or below cost, then make all of their profit off selling ink cartridges at inflated prices ( meaning that, ounce for ounce, printer ink is among the most expensive substances on the planet, though most people aren't consciously aware of it because they're only buying a few milliliters at a time ). By itself this wouldn't necessarily be that bad, but a lot of people seem to be under the impression ( whether justifiably or not ) that the "print head cleaning" that printers do deliberately wastes ink, and/or runs much more frequently than it needs to, due to the fact that the color cartridges claim to be empty despite the fact that they've only been printing things in black and white. Then there's Kodak, which is currently taking this to the next level by advertising a line of printers that use ink that is much cheaper -- but have sensors to determine if you are printing genuine Kodak brand paper ( with a similar price premium ), and software that deliberately reduces the quality of the print if you are not. Very not cool, Kodak.

I ended up going with an HP Photosmart Plus, mainly because it had the fewest number of complaints about how quickly the ink runs out, and most reviews say it gives good quality prints fairly quickly. Also, the design with the touch-screen on the left corner suits the place I'll be putting it. I guess I'll have to see how it goes.
13th-Sep-2009 03:31 am - Zombies ate my brains
By which I mean I've been spending way too much time this past week playing Plants vs. Zombies, a hilarious computer game in which you protect yourself from the zombie invasion by planting flowers on your lawn.  Put that simply it doesn't sound like much, but it's gotten me so hooked that I even went out and spent forty dollars on a so-called gaming mouse -- after having used a trackball for over a dozen years -- because things just move too fast in the game to just be using my thumb.

The new userpic for this entry is my "Zombatar" ( zombie avatar ), created at the Plants vs. Zombies website.  I did the best I could with the hair-style; I don't really have a comb-over, but that was the only option for balding rather than bald.  ( Also, I haven't dyed my hair/ mustache purple ... yet. )

After you defeat  "Dr. Zomboss", the zombies send you a note saying they're going to give up trying to eat your brains; now they just want to make a music video for you.  The the sunflower comes on singing :

Zombies on the LawnCollapse )

Why yes, I have seen that new Burger King ad with Tony Stewart ( who actually I'd never heard of before he started doing their commercials ) about doing product endorsements...

22nd-Aug-2009 05:38 pm - Vase Computer
sword flame
Another for the "what will they think of next" file:  at the Computex tech convention ECS computers showed off a "net-top" ( a desktop computer built with netbook components ) that is disguised as a Ming vase. 

PC World magazine, Engadget, and Tom's Hardware all thought it was pretty cool, but though the couple of paragraphs I read in PC Advisor claimed they were going to be selling them soon, I couldn't find any links with anything resembling an order form -- even on ECS's own site.  If the price were in line with other net-tops I've seen, I'd be sorely tempted, just for the sheer coolness factor. 

22nd-Aug-2009 01:18 pm - Strange News
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Special alert to norabombay :

For some unexplained reason, I thought of you when I read this story:

A man with a tattoo of Britney Spears' name on his arm or neck allegedly stole a Chihuahua with pink earrings from a South Florida gay bar. Brian Dortort, 48, said Thursday he has spent weeks searching for his 4-month-old pooch, named Hudson Hayward Hemingway. The dog, about the size of a softball, was in a specialty pet bag.

Dortort said he let a man hold the Chihuahua for a moment during a friend's birthday party, then both of them disappeared.

Police said a suspect has been identified, but it's up to the Broward State Attorney's Office to decide whether to an issue an arrest warrant.

sword flame
As someone who has been watching the series "Criminal Minds" since the beginning, I have to say that KFC's ad department might have wanted to put a little more thought into their latest ad campaign.  I understand that their intent was to strike back at all of the Subway ads that mock other fast food chains, but the slogan "Taste the un-sub side of KFC" is a little jarring when one has become accustomed to the word "unsub" as FBI-speak for "serial killer." 

Somehow I doubt that that is the sort of image they were going for.
11th-Jul-2009 05:37 am - The Middleman
sword flame
According to Amazon, due to be released on DVD July 28. 

I know there are those on my FL who would want to know.

That is all.

28th-Jun-2009 01:27 pm - Ben & Jerry's ad
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Although I know a lot of people are all "fangirl squee" about Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, I've always been mostly "meh".  I mean, it's good ice cream, I just think the difference in flavor between that and ordinary store-brand ice cream is at least an order of magnitude less than the difference in price.

That being said, I think I'm going to end up trying their newest product at least once, just because I love one of the advertising slogans they created for it:

"We married fudge, ice cream, and brownies.  Don't worry, it's legal in Vermont."

A none-too-subtle reference to the legalization of gay marriage there, used in an advertising campaign; seems like some sort of progress to me, though being neither gay nor likely to ever get married, I suppose I'm not terribly qualified to make that sort of statement.
28th-Jun-2009 06:06 am - You know what Freud would say
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In Friday's ad for CompUSA ( which I just now got around to reading ), there is an ad for a Mitsubishi DLP HD rear projection TV. 

A TV whose diagonal measurement is 73", or, for those of you more accustomed to sensible rather than traditional units, 1.854 Meters. 

Its width is less than an inch shy of my height.  granted, I'm on the short side, but still -- this is more than two and a half times the width of my current TV.   Its diagonal is more than three times that of my first TV, bought in 1987. 


Somewhat non-sequitur, but I was going to add a comment about  theferrett 's so-called "monster penis system", but I found it surprisingly difficult to locate the postings about it among his five-thousand-plus entries.  I hadn't really noticed before that nearly all of LJ's supposed "search" options are for things that I find almost completely useless.  I wanted to search "subject" or "title", but if that's possible I'm apparently not smart enough to figure out how; or perhaps I just do it far to seldom to know where to look.

14th-Jun-2009 02:34 pm - FailBlog
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It's been almost a year since I last gave in to the temptation to post something from the LOLcat family of websites, but this one had me laughing too hard to pass up. I especially like the bit of the license plate that they didn't white out -- I know it's some symbol, rather than an "O", between those two "L"s, but it's close enough to add just that little something extra.

fail owned pwned pictures
see more Fail Blog
4th-Jun-2009 10:09 am - Bumper Sticker of the Day
sword flame

"Ask your Doctor if Medical Advice from TV commercials is right for you."

It took me a minute to recognize the format as the typical legalese found at the end of commercials like those, then I laughed.

2nd-Jun-2009 09:52 am - "Spectra"
sword flame
This morning on my way home from work, I happened to pass a black Kia Spectra, and I had an odd thought. 

If I a car like that, and painted several sets of red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet stripes on it, would anyone get the joke, or would they just assume I was really, really gay?
25th-May-2009 07:31 am - It's spelled "Schadenfreude"
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Though technically what I feel is not really "joy at the misfortune of others", but more "joy at the indirect results of the misfortune of others". 

Whether or not you would apply the schadenfreude label to the latter emotion, last night I was certainly feeling it to the utmost -- all because of a commercial I happened to see on TV.  It seems that one of the local stores whose obnoxious commercials have annoyed me for the past decade, "The Bedroom Superstore", is actually going out of business.  ( And you thought this "economic downturn" didn't have a silver lining. )  While I don't particularly care one way or another about whether or not they sell furniture, I am extremely happy that once their going-out-of-business sale is over I'll never again have to leap frantically for my remote in an attempt to shut up one of their ads. 

For some reason they've always seemed to believe that the very best way to get people to come in and buy furniture from them is with spots featuring an announcer who combines all the worst aspects of the ones who do used car ads, and those who do monster truck rally ads of the "SUNDAY!!!  SUNDAY!!!  SUNDAY!!!"  variety.  And another thing that I thought was odd is that they never mention anything about the furniture that you could buy there; the ads were always and only about the "amazing" financing you could get, and how "huge" this week's sale was.  ( If everything in the store is "on sale" every week, is that really a sale?  Not by my definition. )

The odd coincidence is, I got up right after hearing that to start making this post, but because I couldn't figure out how to spell "schadenfreude", I got too lazy to go through with it, but this morning it was used in one of the comics I read fairly regularly ( Monty ), so I decided to go ahead and do it now.

sword flame
I usually don't pay attention to the bit of the Late Late show where they tell who the guests will be for the next night, so I couldn't have warned those on my FriendsList who are serious Nathan Fillion fans to tune in last night.  Even so, I probably wouldn't have know just from the schedule that he would be

wearing a leather kilt.

Luckily, CBS puts the episodes on their website a couple of days after they air, so you should be able to tune in for your eye candy tomorrow.

17th-Apr-2009 05:57 pm - Why did they pick that photo?
sword flame
As I have said before, because I work the night shift I usually tape programs that air while I'm asleep, to watch after work, so I only just got around to last night's "Tonight Show".  One of the bits they did was called "Famous Dates and the Next Day", in which Jay listed certain things that happened throughout history, and the little known things that followed the next day.  For example, the day after the Wright brothers' flight at Kittyhawk, Orville supposedly suggested they charge passengers $25 per bag for their luggage. 

What they claim happened April 9, 1971 -- the day after Starbucks opened the first store -- was that they opened five more stores on the same block.  The ( blatantly Photoshopped ) picture they showed, however, wasn't of Pike Place Market ( location of the first Starbucks ), but of Powells bookstore, something I couldn't  help but recognize even past all the faked Starbucks signs.  Now obviously even when you Photoshop a picture that thoroughly you have to start with something; I just thought it was weird that they should choose that one as their canvas.  I mean, they're based in L.A., surely there are hundreds of locations there they could have used, since there wasn't much of the original left after they manipulated it -- though clearly enough for me to instantly know what it really was.  ( Now that I look a little farther, I think the original is the same one that's on the Wikipedia page for Powells. )

Maybe somebody in Jay's graphic design department is from Portland...

14th-Mar-2009 06:06 am(no subject)
sword flame

Pi Day Pi Day

Here's the one I made. I cheated by using store bought crust, but it came out looking pretty good.

I'm tempted to have pizza for lunch, in honor of comedian Brian Regan. He does a joke about the day he started college, when his new room-mate from New Jersey asked him if he wanted to split "a pie". Having never heard someone refer to a pizza that way, he was a little puzzled, but since he was hungry he said sure. That's how they ended up having half pepperoni, half pumpkin.

13th-Mar-2009 09:45 am - For tomorrow:
sword flame
Don't forget to make ( or purchase ) pie(s) for pi day -- at least those who use US style date notation ( 3-14 ). 
Only six years left until the really big one -- 3-14-'15.
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