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Sally who?! 
3rd-May-2011 04:06 am
sword flame
In this Sunday's Sally Forth cartoon, Sally's husband Ted is making up phony reminiscences of his childhood for their daughter, and one of the things he says is "'Forth' isn't even a surname.  It's just a number I misspelled."  I just woke up from a dream in which he revealed what his "real" surname was "SZRXYNMY" -- oddly enough, via the red LED display of a clock radio, which shouldn't have had enough digits for that, but made sense in my dream.  Looks like it's from one of those Eastern European countries with a severe vowel shortage.  I can see why they would have changed it, since I have personal experience with a surname that no native English speaker ever gets right if they see it in print first, rather than hearing me introduce myself.  ( This is why the local grocery store chain's company policy of requiring their clerks to thank you by name -- which, if you use their membership card, is printed at the bottom of your receipt -- is rather counterproductive in my case.  I think their idea is to make you feel like all of their stores are oh so customer friendly, because they know your name!,  but in my case it just rubs my nose in how very phony this charade is. )
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